Art Direction


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Paudge Donaghy is a dyed in the wool art director, creative director, and not-so-mad ad man.  He’s spent half his life crafting through-the-line campaigns for major league clients such as The National Lottery, Failte Ireland, Denny, eir, Jameson, Fyffes and Brennan’s to name a few. Many of which have won awards, if you’re into that sort of thing. Since you’re here, you’re probably into big, fat, hairy, media-agnostic ideas that are expertly packaged and brilliantly sold. And that’s something this not-so-mad ad man can absolutely help you with. 


recent Awards



Digital Media Awards -                         Winner Best Creative



eir Spider Awards Best Campaign
National Lottery 'Money Multiplier' Scratch Cards

Kinsale Sharks Silver - Film Craft
eir - 'Launch' - Best Use of Licensed Music or Re-Recorded

Kinsale Sharks Bronze - Editing
eir - 'Launch' 

Kinsale Sharks Bronze - Direction
eir - 'Launch' 



ICAD Silver - Sound Design for TV
NL Million Euro Challenge "The Pyramid"

ICAD Bronze - TV/ Cinema Production Design
NL Million Euro Challenge "The Pyramid"

Kinsale Sharks Silver - Best Use of Music/Sound Design
NL Million Euro Challenge "The Pyramid" 

Kinsale Sharks Bronze - Art Direction/Production Design
NL Million Euro Challenge "The Pyramid"